Ball transfer

“Transfer of the ball” game (helps implement short and joyful physical activities during the lesson)


Any kind of ball is needed. Any source of sound to play and stop music is needed.

Purpose of use

The game helps to insert short physical activity breaks into the lesson or just make physical activity more fun. Recommended for any school age and adults.

How to implement

Students sit or stand in a circle on in pairs next to each other. Teacher controls the music sound. While music plays, students continue passing the ball to each other (you may think of different ways for passing). When the music stops – the one who has a ball gets a task to perform some physical exercise, for instance squatting. The best time to create and hold the fun of this game – 3 mins. Ask students to offer other related types of activities for next day when this one gives no more fun. Please find pictures No. 2, 3 and 4 to see the game played examples.

Examples of the game “Ball transfer”

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