“Share menu” challenge

“Share menu” challenge (a tool to learn about healthier food choice)


Both available to implement on and off-line. When on-line – pictures of the menus are shared by each member in a private chat or any other social media group. When off-line – participants bring their choice to class and it’s being discussed by all participants in groups or generally by all class.  

Purpose of use

Helps students and teachers to start observing his or her eating choice, to get peers’ offers and ideas for different food, to see good and bad examples, learn about better choice, become interested in changes of one’s own eating behaviour.

How to implement

A private chat or group is created to enable group member do posts in it. Each member is obliged to take pictures of the food he takes during the whole day.  He or she must make one post in a day, at the end of the day, for instance until 9 p.m. The pictures may be analyzed by experienced nutritionists if available or any volunteer who would me deeper acquainted with basic rules of healthier choice. It can be teacher as well, who would use information on this page in the “Shaping thoughts” section, “Healthy eating” menu item. There may be several moderators chosen to implement evaluation of the peer’s food or all participants divided into payers and take care of a pair friend.

Evaluation criteria may vary and be related to labels (nutrition value), esthetics, amount of sugar in the food. There may be scores and prizes established to stimulate better interest to participate. There must be rules created and announced to prevent cheating and sharing fake pictures.

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