Understanding food labels

Understanding food labels (a tool to learn about healthier food choice)


Activity may be organized using digital presentation or bringing real food to learn about its labels. Teacher must be acquainted with basics of nutritional value reading from food labels and know, which choice is better and why. Please use information presented on this page in the menu section “Shaping thoughts” “Healthy eating” menu item.

Purpose of use

Helps students and teachers to start observing his or her eating choice, to get peers’ offers and ideas for different food, to see good and bad examples, learn about better choice, become interested in changes of one’s own eating behaviour.

How to implement

In case of digital presentations, students may be asked to prepare presentations about food labels and a discussion shall follow. Students may be asked as well to bring food they used to have at home or just a package with label. Discussion about nutrition value and healthier choice has to take place.

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